- Published texts by: Ludwig Zeller, Edouard Jaguer, and other, mostly surrealist poets.
- Susana Wald's recently published translation is Betty De Shong Meador's Inanna, Lady of Largest Heart, a book that appeared in Spanish with the title: Tres grandes poemas de Enjeduana dedicados a Inana. This book is about the most exceptional poet Enheduanna, high priestess and governor of the city of Ur, who lived and wrote forty-four centuries ago. Her poems are the first literary works of a known, historical author. Susana Wald found that this fundamental book needed to be known in the Spanish speaking world, and made the translation from an inner impulse. She also found a publisher for the work.
- Translations in process are two books of poetry, one by A. F. Moritz, and the other by Beatriz Hausner.